Tuesday, January 15, 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge

Hey all! time for a challenge! a 30 day drawing challenge!
rules are simple, 30 days, 30 sketches/drawings/paintings and a different daily topic (topics and idea for the challenge found on Jeff Victor's art blog)

  1. Muppet
  2. Favourite sport
  3. First car/bike/mode of transport
  4. A secret about yourself
  5. Favourite movie
  6. Favourite drink
  7. Favourite bird
  8. Amusement park
  9. Your 'Spirit Animal'
  10. Home town memory
  11. Last request if world was ending
  12. What you wanted to be when you grew up
  13. Favourite mythical creature
  14. Worst punishment
  15. Favourite fish
  16. Major accident/pain/trauma in your life
  17. First crush
  18. Outer Space
  19. Favourite Holiday
  20. Faux Pas 
  21. Useless superpower
  22. First VHS/DVD
  23. You as the opposite sex
  24. a toy
  25. the Boogeyman
  26. Video game
  27. Favourite Disney character
  28. a Hobo
  29. Internet Memes
  30. A concert moment
feel free to post daily or submit in batches!

(also the topics can be found in both canteens in the BBF studio!)

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